Finding Hope


To lose hope is probably one of the top worst emotional feelings in the world.

That sinking feeling in one’s chest when a dream, an expectation, a desire is stripped from us, leaving our hearts swollen with sorrow. I’m a dreamer and the downfall of that is I get my hopes up a lot. Far too many times have I gotten my hopes up too high and have had them stripped away.

A shoulder to cry on and a good pep talk is usually what I need when I lose hope in something. We all usually have that one special person we go to when we’ve lost hope. Whether it be a friend, a mentor or a sibling. That someone for me is my dad.

He is my mentor that I go to for when I need good, logical advice. He always seems to know just what to say and how to say it to give me the right amount of hope in myself or something else again.

Hope is good. We need hope in life. I believe it is a fundamental part of life. If we never had hope in anything, where would we be?

I hope to do well in school.

I hope I’ll find the right person for me.

I hope tomorrow is a good day.

I hope I sell a property soon (maybe that’s just me).

There’s nothing wrong with hoping. The problem is that we often times put our hopes in the wrong things.

“For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.” – Psalms 71:5

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” – Romans 15:13

I love that last one. Well, I love them all, but I specifically love how it says that He is the God of hope and that He will fill us with joy and peace, so that by His power we may abound in hope.

We are to put our trust and hope in the Lord. For He is our solid rock. Our firm foundation. He is our hope that will never be stripped from us!

If we are to put our hope in the Lord instead of worldly things we will not find ourselves with saddened hearts through feelings of hopeless times. We will find ourselves at ease. Resting in peace through the madness because we know that our hope is not on anything but the Lord Himself.

I know this is a struggle for me and is something that I will have to work on. Do you find yourself putting your hope in worldly things too often? Or is it easy for you to put your hope in the Lord alone?


5 thoughts on “Finding Hope

  1. I have that NT “Rational” personality, so I tend to get jaded easily and yes, I often put my hope in worldly things or even in myself. Something I frequently struggle with is trusting God. I KNOW He has a plan and that nothing i can plausibly come up with will be better. I KNOW that getting a 68% on one test doesn’t mean I’m an academic failure, but I tend to take disappointment very hard. We all struggle with trusting the all-knowing, omnipotent, loving, and eternal God, maker of the universe and king of all things. (Sounds silly when put that way, doesn’t it?)

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    • I’m on the same boat, sister, and know exactly what you mean. I recently took two very hard tests for real estate to get my license. I passed the hardest test the first time but missed the second test by one point. ONE POINT! I beat myself up for it and cried all over one point. But my family was proud because they are hard tests and I did better than most people who take it when they’re 40 and I’m only 18. I had put too much hope in myself, therefore I was disappointed in myself for not passing the first time. I took the test a second time and passed! So I totally understand the feeling of losing hope in myself. But I am not all knowing (although, a flaw of mine is that I act like I do). I make mistakes, but God never makes mistakes!


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  3. It’s a constant issue for me. I give everything to God only to try to take it back again. I am learning, though. I have a sticky-note on my bathroom mirror that says, “I trust you, Lord.” It’s my most constant prayer!

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